Electrical fire monitoring system
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System Overview
The system is based on wireless communication technology, will be scattered around a large number of intelligent circuit breaker of the distribution network and master link on the computer can quickly keep abreast of the operation of the distribution network, including voltage, current, residual current (rural network type ), switch status, and remote control operation, quickly and easily complete the division of the circuit breaker. The system can be expanded access to smart meters can be remote and pre-paid, reactive power compensation devices and other equipment, a more comprehensive collection and display of distribution network. The system can greatly improve work efficiency, improve the reliability of power supply.
System Features
Accessible million units, circuit breakers, fast patrol speed, far beyond the SMS-based means of communication. County deployment, powered by direct use. Save the investment in hardware and network resources, and maintenance costs. Fully consider and adapt to the characteristics of the wireless channel, the temporary interruption of the wireless network will not impact on system stability.

Field devices
Distribution network intelligent circuit breaker
FLM3 series distribution network intelligent circuit breaker switch trip can be solved due to a lightning storm, the impact of grid instability and artificial transient faults caused by leaving the device according to the principle of machine automation, intelligent products, combined with the high-voltage automatic recloser controller technology developed power supply and other issues, can not be automatically restored after power outage for equipment to provide a stable, reliable power, thus extending the life of electrical equipment to improve the quality of network services, reduce network maintenance costs. Line leakage (rural network type), over current, short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage fault can be quickly cut off the supply line, after the failure to eliminate automatic reclosing connected to the power lines, no artificial closing to ensure that electrical equipment and lines of supply security and continuity.
The series intelligent circuit breaker with 485 communication interface, can be leakage (rural network type), overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other real-time data upload, and in accordance with the requirements of the monitoring center together, the sub-gate.
Intelligent circuit breaker of FLM3 series distribution network is divided into the rural network type and the urban network type, the former leakage protection, which without this feature.
Collector field circuit breaker data and multi-function meter data collected through 485 serial, and cache to the non-volatile memory. Under normal circumstances, passive response to the master response measurement, and returns the corresponding data through the GPRS module. Circuit breaker abnormal is found, immediately take the initiative to report exception information to the master. Communication
The collection contains GPRS module and SIM card by moving the base station connected to the GSM network, internal network via a dedicated APN access mobile, connected through the firewall and the master server from the green.
Dedicated APN transmission using a variety of security measures, including:
O through a dedicated access Mobile GPRS network, the two sides between the Internet router, the private IP address of the WAN connection using a GRE tunnel between the GGSN and the Mobile Internet router. O for the customer to assign a dedicated APN, ordinary users may not apply the APN. SIM card for GPRS private network only opening of the special the APN, restrictions on the use the other APNo end-to-end encryption: end-to-end encryption between the mobile terminal and server platforms, to avoid information possible leaks in the transmission process.
Both sides using a firewall to isolate} corpse address and port filtering on the firewall.
The master station software installed on the server for the completion of the establishment of communication links, field data collection and storage, on-site equipment, remote control, through the network for other users data Zhao measure, query, remote services. Front-end servers logically, real-time data server, historical data server, application server, but these elements actually can be deployed on a computer.
So that network
Network of county companies and the supply by the client and server connect and extend the use of the system for the county.
Can be completed on the client system data entry, viewing, Zhao measurements and remote field device data, view historical data and alarm information.
System functions
Automatic data acquisition and command issued
In accordance with the predefined period, the system automatically in the background field data collection and transmission, and save it to a real-time database and historical library. The system can accept the user to manually command issued to complete the site circuit breakers, such as data query, configure, modify, remote operation.

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