FCQW1 series intelligent circuit breaker dual power automatic transfer switch
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Scope of application
 Intelligent circuit breaker of the FCQW1 series dual power automatic transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as the switch) is the company’s latest product, suitable for AC 50/60Hz. Rated working voltage 690V, rated current 400A to 6300A dual power supply system. Common power failure occurs, the change-over switch can automatically convert and backup power supply or generator to ensure the reliability and security of supply, may also need to load the selective conversion of the two-way power.
 Combination of intelligent controller intelligent circuit breaker and transfer switch convert switch selection made​​, the product has overload, short circuit, short delay, ground fault, three-phase unbalanced load monitoring, under voltage, over-voltage, phase failure, protection function of frequency, can be widely used in electricity, telecommunications, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railway, municipal, intelligent building and other industries, sectors of the supply system.
The product complies with IEC60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11 and GB14048.2 standards.
Models and their meanings

Normal operating conditions
Limits on ◆ The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ℃, the lower limit is not more than -5 ° C, 24h, the average does not exceed +35 ℃
◆ the installation site altitude height of not more than 2000m.
In the ambient air temperature of +40 ℃ ◆ relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50%, lower temperatures, higher humidity; the wettest month of the monthly mean minimum temperature of +25 ° C, the average maximum relative humidity of 90%, taking into account the condensation due to humidity changes occur on the surface of the product, you should take special measures.
◆ the level of contamination level.
◆ run the place without a strong vibration and shock, no harmful gases corrode metal and damage the insulation, no serious dust, non-conductive particles and explosive hazardous substances, strong electromagnetic interference.

Performance and characteristics

◆ transfer switch rated current setting, according to the intelligent universal circuit breaker (400A ~ 6300A).
◆ Transfer Switch for conversion by the two intelligent circuit breaker, two circuit breakers can be up and down the installation according to user requirements, can also be about the installation, each with different types of mechanical interlock to ensure safe and reliable operation of the changeover switch.
◆ Suitable for two mains, two-way power, or all the way to the mains power generation all the way to the automatic conversion.
Microprocessor as the core of the Chinese LCD with backlight display, the touch of a button operation.
◆ accurate collection and display two three-phase voltage, phase current, frequency, power, and other parameters (with dedicated transformer); power supply can be set all the way (usually) give priority to the Road (alternate) priority or no priority .
◆ with the generator to start.
The way in which the switch is closed, fails, if the voltage of the other normal, automatic conversion to another road.
◆ conversion with automatic / manual mode, in manual mode, you can force the switch is closed sub-gate.
◆ the use of two passwords to prevent the operation of non-professionals.
◆ site can be set to load / no load mode operation of the generator set for trial; with switch reclosing function to prevent the switch with undervoltage release instantaneous power failure.
◆ with power button function and operating mechanism and the switch position is inconsistent with the normal closing, to address the conversion / sub-gate; closing / gate output are pulse (up to 10 seconds) output in the switching converter to complete , the output is automatically cut off.
◆ has a switching converter delay (ie the middle of the residence time), the delay time can be set.
◆ two N pole (zero line) separation of the design.
◆ At the same time with industry-standard RS-232C and RS-485 communication interface, the application of the Statute of the ModBus communication, converted by the dual power remote control, telemetry, remote function.
◆ allows the user to set its parameters on-site monitoring center will not be lost when power from the system; with real-time calendar and clock.
◆ can be recycled to save 40 history, and records inquiries.
◆ controller available DC power supply (9 ~ 35V) or taken from a Road A very, N voltage.
◆ modular structural design, fire-retardant ABS plastic shell, embedded installation, plug-in terminals, installation and maintenance is very convenient.

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