FCQ3 series automatic transfer switch
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Scope of application
         FCQ3 series automatic transfer switching equipment (hereinafter referred to as the switch), apply to the AC 50/60Hz, rated working voltage 400V, rated current of 6A-1250A dual power supply system. Common power failure occurs, the change-over switch can automatically convert and backup power supply or generator to ensure the reliability and security of supply.
        Also need to load the selective conversion of two-way power. The product has the overload, short circuit, open-phase protection function. Especially suitable for fire protection, airports, radio and television, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, chemical, metallurgy, high-rise buildings and military facilities, and so does not allow power-off an important place, as to ensure the continuous supply of electrical equipment.
        The product complies with with IEC60947-6-1, and GB/T14048.11 standards.

Models and their meanings

Normal operating conditions
Limits on ◆ The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ℃, the lower limit is not more than -5 ° C, 24h, the average does not exceed +35 ℃.
◆ the installation site altitude height of not more than 2000m.
In the ambient air temperature of +40 ℃ ◆ relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50%, lower temperatures, higher humidity; wettest month of the monthly mean minimum temperature of +25 ° C, with an average maximum relative humidity of 90%, taking into account the condensation due to humidity changes occur in the surface of the product, you should take special measures.
◆ the level of contamination level,
◆ run the place without a strong vibration and shock, corrosion of metals and destruction of insulation harmful gases, no serious dust, non-conductive particles and explosive hazardous substances, strong electromagnetic interference.
◆ high-performance single-chip process control, large screen backlit LCD display;
◆ anti-interference ability and high accuracy;
◆ The protection of functional overload, short circuit, open-phase protection, fault alarm.
◆ conversion time delay adjustable, accurate movement time;
◆ EPS Fire Power DC24V remote breaking;
◆ Small, high breaking arcing short, compact structure, beautiful appearance;
◆ noise-free operation, energy saving, installation simple and convenient operation, stable performance.

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