FCQ5 series double electrical automatic conversion switch
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Scope of application
      FCQ5 series dual power automatic transfer switching equipment for rated insulation voltage 690V, rated frequency 50Hz, rated operating voltage AC 400V, DC 250V, rated operating current to 3200A dual power supply system can be safely and reliably achieve the dual power manual conversion or automatically converted. Product particularly suitable for hospitals, shopping malls, banks, high-rise building, coal mining, telecommunications, iron ore, highways, airports, industrial lines and military installations and other important occasions does not allow a power outage.
        Product level for the PC level, namely the ability to access and carry short-circuit current, but not for breaking short-circuit current, overload and short circuit protection.
        The products should be front mounted vertically (upright).
        The product complies with with IEC60947-6-1, and GB/T14048.11 standards.
Models and their meanings

Note: The three-stage current levels only 100A and 400A, two-stage current rating 100A to 3200A

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