FCW1 Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker
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FCW 1 Series intelligent circuit breakers shall be used to control and prot- ect low voltage distribution network. Usually, the breaker shall be fitted in low voltage switchboard as the main switch for general protection. The technical performances of the breaker have reached international advanc- ed level for the products of similar kinds used in 1990s.
.AC rated current一630A-6300A;
.Short circuit breaking capacity: 80kA-120kA (effective value);
.Rated operation voltage: AC690V or Larger;
.Three pole and four-pole;
.Fixed type and draw-out type;
.Inlet switch installation_
.Various intelligent controllers with different protection functions;
.In accordance with IEC60947-2 and GB 14048.2.
Type and Its Meaning

Normal operation conditions

Front indication of the breaker

The breaker can be divided into two categories: fixed type and draw-out type, and the body of fixed breaker shall be fitted into the special drawer seat to be a withdraw breaker. The breaker body consists of contact system, arc ignition system, operation mechanism, current Transformer, intelli- gent controller and auxiliary switch, secondary termination, no-voltage release and shunt trip ete. Draw-out socket shall be completed with left an- d right side plates with guide rail, bottom abutment and beams etc
COllTdCT sysTem
One-gear contact system shall be used, and contact units at different parts of one contact shall be provided with both functions of main contact and arcing contact, and new arc-resistant contact material sha11 be considered to avoid high temperature caused by overheating after The breaking of s- host circuit current.Multiple parallel shall be adopted for the contact system to reduce the electrodynamic force and to improve the electrical stabi- lity of contact system
Arc-quenching chamber
Arc-quenching chamber shall be arranged for each pole, which shall be used to separate the pole to achieve the insulation and the separation from other parts of the breaker and the operators; arc一quenching chamber shall be fitted in the insulated foundation of the breaker to improve the mech- anical strength of the chamber wall to avoid the explosion due to the breaking of most short circuit current.
Operation mechanism, manual and motorized driving mechanism
The mechanism is located in the front of the breaker. Free trip mechanism with five rods shall be designed for operation mechanism with energy st- oring. The mechanism is always at the position of pre-energy storing during the whole operation process, and instantaneous close shall be made fo- r The breaker as soon as close demand is received by the breaker. The release ofpre-energy storing shall be made by pressing manual button or clos- ing magnet. Motorized driving mechanism is integrated, and the assembly and disassembly between energy storing shaft and main shaft shall be d- one easily through the flexible coupling of concave-convex notch
Intelligent controller

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