FCM1L Earth Leakge Circuit breaker
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FCM1Lseries earth leakage circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to leakage breakers) is designed with the rated insulation voltage of 400V; the breakers are fit for the power distr- ibution electric grids and circuits of AC SOHz and with rated current of 630A. They are int- ended for protecting indirect contact, and Yor preventing the device Yrom insulation and pr- eventing the fire risk: caused by the current of earth grounding fault. In addition, they can be used for the distribution of electric energy and for protecting the circuits and power eq- uipment from damages arising from overload, short circuit as well as for protecting the ti- rcuit from non-freyuent switching and for protecting motors from non-frequent start Normal operation of earth leakage circuit breaker can be ensured in three-phase power under the condition of the cut of any phase Breakers can be installed vertically or horizontally Standards involved: compliant with GB6329 and GB 14043.2 as well as standard B in the attachment
Normal operation conditions
.Elevation; elevation of2he place of installation shall not exceed 2000m .Amt,ient medium temperature shell not exceed十p5’C and nor less then-5"C; .The maximum inclination is二;5二 .nreakers shall be installed in media where there is no risk of explosion andwhere there is no gas that may cause corrosion of metal or dantn};e of insulation and no conducting dusts; .Breakers shall be installed where they are protected Yrom rains and snow .Atmospheric conditions: the relative humidity of the atmosphere shall not exceed s0% when the ambient air temperature is+40`C; mUere the temperature is lower, the relative humidity may be higher. The maximum humidity shall be 90`7 in the most humid month and Vie average temperature of Vte monVt shall not be lower than-25 0C; .Installation category: category-III; .Pollution protection: grade-III .The magnetic field near the installation place of earth leakage breaker shall not exceed nve times ofgeomagnetic field
Type and its meaning

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