FLK ELectricaL Fire Monitor
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FLK electric fire detectors, widely used in risk Product spaces, high-rise buildings, public places and residential units Power supply system Such as gas stations, a variety of dangerous goods stores, hospitals, A variety of business offices, exhibition halls, shopping malls, hotels. restaura nts, books, hall, office buildings, telecommunications, postal sarvice building. room, important rooms, TRADE Financial, radio and television, an importantbuilding departments and personnel-intensive construction, entertainment and office building of government agencies and other enterprises places power system, can effectively protect the safe use of electricity and prevent electrical fires. Through the smoke point of the fire monitoring device, a sense of thermostat, flammable and explosive hazardous gas detectors, fire-fighting facilities such as input the contact interface with the detectors connected to fira, onca the receiver to the sensor signals, fire control and cut off the detector immediately regional power concurrent silent alarm signal to prevent the expansion and deterioration of the situation. Fire detectors can be small-scale users. Fire detectors can be used alone or mounted use in the distribution cabinet can also be more network of tire detectors for use, low cu Trent level of house and home products are also suitable for small-scale users
Electrical fire monitor compliance: GB14287.2 "rasidual current electric fire detector" standard CiB142&7.; "electric fire detector temperature" standard GB14048.2 "Circuit Breaker" standard
Model and its implications

Normal working conditions
.Ambient temperature-l0℃~+40℃, the average daily maximum temperature≤35℃ relative humidity≤50% (CentralWhen the ambient temperature≤40℃)
.installation site altitude does not exceed 20i川m
.product is suitable for the building should be no dust, conductive dust, corrosive, flammable and explosive and other gases, noInvasion of local rain and snow
.Product installation where no strong vibration and impact, in any direction of magnetic field strength should not exceedField 5 times, from the ventilationline, strong electromagnetic interference .The installation site has a good cooling and ventilation

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